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WSOP Ceramic-Chip Main Event

ReRaise Your Expectations! Weight: 10g, gauge: 3mm, diameter: 39mm, feature: aligned edges

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WSOP Ceramic-Chip Main Event

The current WSOP-Ceramic-Main-Event-Chips were manufactured in close co-operation with Harrah's Entertainment, the organizer of the World Series Of Poker. They were adapted from the chips played at the WSOP with a special view on details, high quality materials and modern manufacturing.
Consultant Michael Keiners, a long-time WSOP player help with his knowledge and experience as gamer slips into the procuction and development.
The WSOP Main Event Chips have a weight of 10 gram as used in casinos and base on sunfly blanchets with a lighty rough surface.They are handy and can be perfectly stacked.
Every chip has got an individual edge-design, the so called aligned edges as also the originals have. The strips run exactly over the edges to the backsite. This manufacturing process is expensive and elaborate and so it´s not used in standard productions. But the WSOP Main Event Chips got it
The WSOP Main Event Chips have authentical values of 25, 100, 500, 1.000, 5.000, 25.000, 50.000, 100.000 and 250.000. There is also an additional value of 5 enabled by Harrah's Entertainment for better playability.

ReRaise Your Expectations! Weight: 10g, gauge: 3mm, diameter: 39mm, feature: aligned edges

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