Croquet Set Junior in fitting cart for 4 players, made in Italy

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Croquet games by Londero stand out to well-manufactured wood and have a high durability and sustainability. From 1963 on the italian family business from the area of Udine is well-known for their unique quality made in Italy.
Croquet, an entertaining game for the whole family, is a recreational game with simple rules. It is also played under international competition rules as a sport. Known to play with bats, balls and goals since the late Middle Ages. The modern croquet built in the mid-19th Century in Ireland and England and was known by the end of the century in all English colonies. Thus, also due to the popularity of the game in Britain and its former colonies.

The fantastic Croquet Kit for Kids and Youths. Contains 4 racquets with approx. 70 cm length (junior size), 4 balls approx. 60 mm in diameter, 10 gates, 2 wooden starting goal bars. Completely in the practical wooden car. Weight approx. 2,6 kg.

Item ID 820150
Content 1 piece
Weight 3800 g
Dimensions 880×350×300mm