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Shipping costs


The prices include sales taxes (VAT) plus the costs of shipment (see below). The total prices including sales taxes (VAT) and the costs of shipment will be displayed before you finish your order. No sales taxes (VAT) will be calculated in the case of shipments to countries outside European Union.


Dates of dispatch

Our dates of dispatch are Monday to Friday. The delivery by parcel services take place Monday to Friday. DHL delivers also on Saturdays. There is no dispatch and delivery on Sundays and feast days.


Shipping costs

Shipping costs will be calculated by our system. To start a calculation, please place the selected items into the shopping cart / basket and select the delivery country. After that you will see all possibles dispatch types and the costs of shipment.
Here is an overview for your information.


Shipping costs Germany

All prices include german sales taxes (VAT).
At the moment sales tax (VAT) is 19%, books have a tax of 7%.

Order value below 50 EUR just 4,99 EUR
Order value starting 50 EUR Free shipping
DPD express shipping
Order and payment Mo. - Fr. until 12:00
Delivery Mo. - Fr. until 18:00
No delivery on Saturday, Sunday and Feast days.
10,50 EUR
German Islands: Surcharge 14,00 EUR


Shipping costs outside Germany

We ship to all countries that are named in the shopping basket.

Shipping to DPD parcel DHL parcel
Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg 8,50 EUR 11,50 EUR
Austria 8,50 EUR 13,00 EUR
Denmark 10,00 EUR 13,00 EUR
Czech Republic 10,00 EUR -
United Kingdom, France, Monaco 12,50 EUR -
Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia 14,00 EUR -
Spain and Portugal (without islands) 15,00 EUR 18,50 EUR
Sweden, Ireland 15,00 EUR 20,00 EUR
Canary Islands - 24,00 EUR
Italy - 25,00 EUR
Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina 29,00 EUR -
Balearic Islands, Finland, Bulgaria, Greece (without islands) - 28,50 EUR
Greek Islands - 48,50 EUR
Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia 21,50 EUR 22,00 EUR
Switzerland*, Liechtenstein* - 30,50 EUR
Norway* - 46,50 EUR
Iceland* - 56,50 EUR
* - Canary Islands, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein are declared without sales taxes (VAT), other costs see worldwide.

European Islands: Surcharge 20,00 EUR

All prices within the EU contain the german sales taxes (VAT). At the moment sales tax (VAT) is 19%, books have a tax of 7%.
(outside EU and *EFTA countries: Canary Islands, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein)
  • We only ship into the above mentioned countries (EU). But you can send a request, if we also ship to your country. We will try to submit an offer including shipping costs.

  • Prices not including sales taxes (VAT).

  • Shipping without customs clearance.

  • Please note that it is possible, that you have to pay import sales tax and customs. These refer to the customs regulations for the import into your country.