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Diameter and weight advice




Hand size Diameter Weight
140mm 70,5mm 670g
150mm 71mm 670g
160mm 71mm 690g
170mm 72mm 700g
180mm 73mm 700g
190mm 74mm 700g
200mm 75mm 710g
210mm 76mm 710g
220mm 76/77mm 720g
230mm 77mm 720g
240mm 78mm 730g



Hand size Diameter Weight
140mm 70,5mm 650g
150mm 71mm 680g
160mm 72mm 690g
170mm 73mm 690g
180mm 74mm 690g
190mm 75mm 690g
200mm 76mm 700g
210mm 77mm 700g
220mm 78mm 710g
230mm 79mm 710g
240mm 80mm 720g


To find the right boule diameter we recommend to use the size and weight from the given data. You need to scale the size between the top of your middle finger and the first wrist winkle underneath the thumb.