Play ´n´ Roll Quadtria on neon yellow woolfelt - classic boardgame in the can

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Time for Weibles latest coup for being enroute: The classic boardgame in the can made in Germany. You play your chosen game on tough, different colured woolfelt with particular manufactured game figures.

Whether Chess, Backgammon, Nine Men's Morris / Merrils, Ludo, Colour-Sudoku or Quadtria - we offer every classic boardgame in this stylish design.

A complete new design creates a kick for a classic boardgame. Play ´n´ Roll Quadtria on a rolled up, neon yellow playground is a game full of fun and guarantees cool matches. With acrylic pieces, manual. Size approx. 30x30 cm, Weight approx. 345g

Item ID 321091
Content 1 piece
Weight 500 g
Dimensions 320×90×90mm