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Delivery and product availability


We ship your order in 1 to 3 working days. If you choose the payment method cash in advance (transfer to our account) we need to wait for the confirmation of payment - the order is not processed until the payment is done. The delivery time can vary for some of our products. In case of deviations you will find the fitting delivery time wihin the product description. We will inform you via email of delivery delays. You can find all details of your order in your account.

In case of express shipment payment and order time are very important. Shipment on the same day is only possible if you have ordered before 12:00 am and the payment is already done at the same time. Saturdays and sundays are no working days, so they are not included in counting the total delivery time. No shipments or deliveries are made on saturdays and sundays.


Product availability

In stock

Item is in stock and will be shipped in 1-3 working days.

Item is availiable

Item is availiable from supplier or enroute to our warehouse.
It will be delivered in the stated time.

Item is orderable for you

The item is availiable from supplier and can be ordered short-dated.
It will be delivered in the stated time.

Item is ordered for you

Item is not in stock and can be ordered from the supplier.
The delivery time from the supplier is 14 - 60 working days.

Not availiable at the moment

The item is not availiable at the moment and cannot be ordered now.
The shipping time is not known.

Delivery is in delay

The shipping of the item is in delay from the supplier.
The shipping is announced but the deadline is exceeded. At the moment we enquire.