Poker Tournament Strategies (Mängelexemplar)

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Poker tournaments are very different from conventional poker games, and there are very few players who excel at both. But it can be done! There are many reasons for these differences. The most important ones are: The chips change value due to the fact that most tournaments are percentage payback. Rebuys are available early on. And, many players over adjust their playing strategy because they are aware that after the rebuy period you cannot purchase more chips if you lose a couple of hands. Consequently, there are many strategy changes that you should be making when compared to conventional poker where you are always trying to win the most on any hand that you play. Sometimes you should be trying to accumulate chips, sometimes you should be on the attack, and sometimes you should just survive. In fact, a tournament expert will occasionally make plays which would be very wrong in a side game. Author Sylvester Suzuki has played in many poker tournaments. Even though the name is a pseudonym, he is a real person who understands the underlying theory that governs tournament play. This text should prove helpful to virtually everyone interested in this form of poker. The best book by far on poker tournaments yet published. Many new good ideas, especially for the smaller rebuy tournaments. --David Sklansky

von Sylvester Suzuki, 187 Seiten, englisch

Art.-ID 401028
Inhalt 1 Stück
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