Sklansky on Poker

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Sklansky on Poker by David Sklansky is a combination of Sklansky on Razz and Essays on Poker, with new material added plus a special section on tournament play. Many of these ideas are not as sophisticated as some of the others that Sklansky has put in print, but they are still absolutely essential to winning play. The essays section contains chapters discussing such concepts as having a plan, choosing your game, playing according to your bankroll, the three levels of expert poker, middle-round strategy, what your opponent reads you for, the protected pot, saving the last bet, extra outs, how to play a tournament, and many others. The razz section of the book will show you how the experts play this form of poker. Not only are the rules and structure of the game discussed, but also advice is given on how to play the first three cards, as well as all the other streets. In addition, a chapter of razz problems is provided, plus questions and answers to help keep your game sharp.

von David Sklansky, 223 Seiten, englisch

Art.-ID 401009
Inhalt 1 Stück
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