Perfetta Design 2005 Competition Boccia bowles (Set of 4)

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Design 2005. You can easily imagine a brand - new bowl.. Diameter and weights are available according to regulations F.I.B. and C.B.I. (107 mm / 920 g).

The Design 2005 series is also part of the prestigious range F2001
F2001 was realized thanks to the use of new materials and technologies: computerized machines, mix resins made of new generation by means of poly-condensation. These materials interact between each other due o their sensitivity to the heat generated by hands.
the characteristics are as follows:
- resins ABS (Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, Stirene) allow the absorption of energy,harewith regulating the power i put from the player
- aminioplastic material, which make it smooth
- epoxy resins new generation, which give more mechanical resistance to impacts.
PERFETTA is one of the best known manufacturers of competition boccia balls. PERFETTA connects with the Boccia products tradition with advanced technology.

Item ID 360024
Content 1 set
Weight 4000 g