Please inform us in advance by telephone or email if you want to send the goods back. We can pick up the parcel from you for free charge. Please do not send any goods non postage prepaid to us in order to prevent unnecessary costs. If you should incur costs for the return shipment we will reimburse you the amount. Please inform us about the amount and your bank data. We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation. Please send an email to or give us a call under +49 (0)561 / 898768.


Take-back system

Regarding the packaging​ (filled with goods by us for the first time, then send to private consumers) of the items, our company has connected to to the nation-wide take-back system of Land Bell AG, Mainz (Customer ID: 4100389), to ensure compliance to our legal obligations under § 6 of the Ordinance. For more information, see


Information on environmental and waste disposal

Due to our withdrawal liability as traders we take exhausted batteries and accumulators that are sold by us back for free. Please accept this offer and you will help to keep our environment clean. Your obligation to return as a consumer: Batteries and accumulators are nothing for your household waste. Since 1998 the battery regulation committed all citizens to carry used batteries to specially provided collection points or back to the traders for disposal. If you want to return your batteries to us, please ensure that the shipment is sent prepaid.
Batteries have signs or chemical symbols like

  • Cd (= battery contains cadmium),
  • Hg (= battery contains mercury),
  • Pb (= battery contains lead)..


Old electronic equipment is not for the household waste.

Since 24 March 2006 old electronic devices may not be disposed in the household garbage. The scheme applies to all electronic and electrical equipment - from electric toothbrushes to home tanning beds, from washing machines to digital cameras - no matter how old they are. Also lamps, fluorescent tubes and energy saving light bulbs are included. The devices are free to be withdrawn from cities and towns. This shall be done at assembly points or even a pickup is offered. In general already existing collection systems (such as recycling centers, garbage collection) should be used.